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Monday, April 15, 2013

Wedding Project: Adding some sparkle!

By: Courtney Patach

Ever feel like those heels of yours would be absolutely fabulous with some extra sparkle? Or, that favorite pair of yours that may be too scratched up the back of the stiletto stem to wear out anymore. Well, don’t pass up those pumps or throw away those walking buddies; let em’ shine, let em’ shine, let em’ shine!

In this case, it was my wedding shoes. I knew I needed a low heel to wear all night long but, couldn’t find any that were SUPER cute, like their many 6” stiletto counterparts! And then it hit me, I could just add my own SPARKLE!


  • Blah Heels OR Slightly scratched heels*
  • Paint in desired color
  • Glitter in desired color (Extra Fine)
  • Spray Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Tape & Plastic grocery bag (to catch over spray)
*If using slightly scratched heels, make sure to clean your heels of any dirt or damaged material from the application site.  


First, tape off the parts of the heel you do not wish to be glittered. In this case, I only wanted the outer heel to be glittered so almost the entire shoe was wrapped/covered.

Next start painting the part you want glittered. I found it best to work in small area’s; paint a small area and apply a thin layer of extra fine glitter. Repeat until the entire application site is covered.

Let dry completely.

Repeat application process until desired sparkliness is achieved! Once the level of shine is reached apply a thin layer of sprayable Mod Podge to create a flexible seal.

Note: Post to be updated with wearing “Wedding Day” pic; to be continued 9.14.13

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