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Monday, February 11, 2013

Upcycling a Monitor into a Pet Bed

By: Victoria Kulig

Not that long ago, we all used CRT monitors. They were big, clunky, and took up a large portion of our desks.

I'm sure some people out there still use them, but a large number of people seem to just toss them out into the trash (although I would hope they're being disposed of properly and not just tossed to the curb!)

I saw a monitor turned cat-bed once, and decided to see if I could do it as well. How hard could it be? So, I set to work.

A word of caution: This. Is. Dangerous. CRT monitors can hold an electric current for up to two years after being unplugged. Hitting the screen the wrong way can break the vaccuum seal and cause it to explode. The Divine Domestics can not be held liable for anyone trying this and getting injured. If you don't know what you are doing, please find an electrician to help you. Getting hurt trying to make a bed isn't worth it.

I got my hands on an old CRT.

Nothing fancy, and in fact this one still worked. The next step is to take it apart. At this point, I do need to caution you about handling the inside parts of the monitor. Please wear rubber shoes during this process to protect yourself from electric shock. Don't stand near or in water.

There are a lot of wires and other pieces inside of a monitor. Please do not fiddle with the wires if you don't what they are, and be VERY careful not to break the monitor itself. A CRT can hold an electric charge for quite some time, so don't think that just because it has been unplugged for a week or two that it is completely safe.

In the monitor I used, everything came out in one solid piece, and we put it in a card board box and took it to our city's trash facility to be recycled. Please do not throw these in the trash.

Once it is apart, reassemble it, and paint it anyway you choose, then put a pillow inside. Now you have an adorable cat bed.

My cat isn't particularly fond of having her photo taken, but you can see here that is a cozy fit for a cat.

You can do this with virtually any type of CRT monitor, and here is an example of six in progress:

Cats fit in them best, but very small dogs could use them as well. I try to find pillows that fit, but you can always make your own pillow the really customize it.

Remember to be very, very, very careful in taking apart the monitor, but have fun making creative beds!

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